An original accessory for your bocce balls court


bocce score board
French Bocce Scoreboard


Bocce Scoreboard
Bocce Scoreboard

An original vintage scorekeeper to decorate your bocce ball court, realized in steel cut, oxidized then varnished.

Two chrome removable mini balls to mark points in the holes corresponding to the score.


Bocce Scoreboard petanque
Bocce Scoreboard

This new anti-corrosion scorekeeper is made of bent and baked-colored steel and comes in many plain colors.

A scorekeeper designed for campgrounds and public grounds with captive mini balls that cannot be removed.


Bocce Scoreboard provence

Removable balls model

 Bocce balls score board
The marking of the points is done by threading the mini balls in the holes corresponding to the score.

Captive balls model

 Bocce balls for your petanque alley
The score is marked by rolling the mini balls on the indexes. The balls are trapped in the rail and can not be stolen
Score board made in france in

All our products are designed and manufactured in France